It is Sunday.  Almost the end of April, and things are moving along quite well here.  Having said that, last evening was one of those nights when nature plays her own game.  Mallorca is an island located about 60 miles due east from Valencia on the mainland of Spain.  Which also means that it is less than 300 miles from the coast of Africa.  Enough geography.  When the weather patterns drive winds from south to north, we sometimes get some bits of Sahara sand plopping on the island.  This is rarely noticed unless the sand comes along with rain.  This apparently happened last night.  Whilst living onboard Angelina, this was a pesky problem (white hull, teak decks, which always requited cleaning especially after a deposit of dirty rain)  When I was having my breakfast this morning, I didn’t have a clue of what had happened until I received a call from a friend who told me to go out and look at my cars.  So, after doing a thorough washing of them both, I thought it was time to move on to other things...like writing you to let you know what else I have been up to lately.

Between client work and visits, I have been working on a couple of projects that have been nothing but pure enjoyment for me.  One of them has been another book.  As you know, I do like to write, but most of my writing (other than these often cheeky letters) has been confined to business things.  The six books I have done have all been about business, and whilst I do like sharing some of what I have learnt in my years in the business-world with readers of this genre, I also have dabbled off and on with fiction.  In January, I had decided to focus on fiction for a bit.  I toyed with the idea of writing a novel and after a few attempts at beginning it, finally settled on the project’s direction. 

The validity of my idea was reinforced on my birthday this year.  My brother had written with an offer.  For my present, he would publish a book of all the “Letters from the Village.”  A fab offer, and some day I might take him up on it.  But for now, I was working on a novel of the same name.  The novel centres on David Somerset who, interestingly enough, lives on Mallorca.  (who would have guessed that?)  I was thinking of telling you more about the book (which I finished writing several weeks ago), but I think you will have to wait until it is available on Amazon (which should be in several months – feel free to buy many and buy often). 

Oh screw it…this is what will be on the back cover.

“Letters from the Village” is the story of David Somerset, a double ex-pat, relationship-challenged author, who was hired to write a screenplay based on a best-selling book he wrote of the same name. 

The chapters are interspersed with some of the actual letters that he wrote to friends and family over a five-year period so that they could vicariously experience what it was like for someone who was raised in a fast-moving, high-tech, ‘go do it’ environment, and then moves to an island in the Mediterranean where the term slow takes on a whole new meaning; weaving a story that tells how he copes with relationships, culture, and happiness on the island of Mallorca…and survives."

Okay, now you can get ready to contact Amazon in a few months...and have no doubts, I will let you know when it is available.

I have also been catching up on another bit of creativity.  If you remember last autumn, a rather testy storm blew through this part of the Mediterranean, and in it’s process, left a path of destruction.  Destruction is a relative term, and whilst it did wreak havoc on other parts of the island, the bulk of the damage near Sol y Mar was a couple of downed trees and…one of my terrace sculptures was blown apart.  Yes, “Esteban Tenia Razon” was pretty much obliterated by the winds and as luck would have it, it wasn’t actually completely destroyed.  But it did come apart, leaving a pile of big white PVC tubes laying about on the terrace.  Last week after returning from a client visit, I set out to put it back together.  So, once again, the front terrace is back to normal (if you consider normal being having a large white sculpture-thingy on it). 

Other than those tidbits of what is going on, it is just about time to go for a long walk - no, I will not be using a pedometer, but my plan is to go at least 10 kilometers.  Well, maybe five.  Okay, I may just walk around the block or go down to the beach...but hey, it is better than just sitting here typing all day listening to Dusty Springfield.  Isn't it?  Hmmm, I may re-think my plan. 


what happens when we get dirty rain on the island


the proposed cover artwork for the novel


the latest incarnation of Esteban Tenia Razon


Ms. Springfield, whose songs fill my iTunes library

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