Well, what can I say.  It has taken me quite a bit of time to write again after the trip, but I will plead exhaustion from doing the almost daily post cards.  If you don’t choose to accept this rather lame excuse, how about my dog ate my computer?  Okay.  I don’t even have a dog, so that excuse won’t work either I guess.  I think I have just been lazy about writing.  

The trip was, as I think I mentioned in one of the post cards, the best of times and the worst of times.  Yes, clearly Cambodia was well worth the trip itself.  I am not even sure if it was either the people, the places, or the serenity that seemed to pervade the environment…or even a combination of all of them.  All I know is that if Cambodia weren’t so far away, I would consider spending more time there.  This is far more than I can say for Thailand.  Well, that isn’t fair.  I guess the mainland of Thailand was okay, but Koh Samui was extremely disappointing on many levels.  I suppose it wouldn’t have been all that bad if it weren’t for the completely over-the-top tourists who apparently don’t understand that they are tourists in someone else’s country; or if I had been a trained lion-tamer, complete with chair and whip to fight off the never-ending onslaught of creepy crawlies.  A lesson’s learnt experience I guess.  

But the point is that I am once again back in Sol y Mar and life has resumed to its normal pace and feel.  Well, that is except for a present I received on Koh Samui.  Ever since I returned to Mallorca, I have still be plagued with the left-overs of my little bout of acute gastroenteritis.  So, after a trip to my doctor and a visit to a gastro specialist, I am now scheduled to have someone stick a television camera down into my stomach to see what is going on.  Part of the problem, and this would be my problem, is that I cannot explain what my insides feel like.  I was thinking of asking the specialists if they had seen the movie Alien, but that could be a tad mis-leading (and cause them to retire early).  So instead I just try to get them to understand that how it feels isn't all that great and I think it would be great if they could do something about it.  Hence, the camera procedure.

I have experienced several types of medical procedures, some of at the time seemed to be high on the list of Dr. Megle’s-Favourite-Party-Games.  But previously never having had a endoscopy, or in my case, an esophagogastroduodenoscopy, opens this up to a whole new level of things not to do.  (BTW, I think if you are a Scrabble player, you should remember that word…it must be well worth about 3 million points). 

According to my doctor (who is not related at all to the previously mentioned Dr. M., the procedure is pretty cut-and-dried.  He (they?) simply put a camera down my throat into my stomach to see what is going on.  Right.  I was good with this explanation until I clarified what he said (he is after all Spanish).  You put a camera down my throat?  I will report back after I have reached my fun quotient for this month.

Let’s see, what else is new.  Ahhh, the terrace off my sitting room is worth talking about.  Through the magic of good planning and some wood glue, I now have a rather piece of large lattice work on the east end of the terrace.  I put this puppy up largely to block out the view of the property next door, and it seemed like an easy rationale for having some Jasmin plants on the terrace.  So with Rafa’s assistance, the lattice work is now up and I am in the process of convincing the Jasmin plants that they had better get growing pretty quickly. 

One more thing, just for the purposes of clarification.  I am really happy that I did go on the trip...but I am dead chuffed to be home again (which, if you don't know...is really really good).


being here was such a fabulous experience


a new tulip rising to meet the sun


I hope this isn't representative of the camera they will use


the Jasmin creeping their way up the new lattice

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