In my last letter, I wrote about all things British, and one of the items was about the upcoming wedding between Prince William and Catherine Middleton.  The wedding was today, and assuming you do not live in a cave, on the planet Neptune, you have probably either seen it, or at very minimum, seen highlights on the news.  I have to admit, putting on pagentry and big celebrations is something that we do rather well in the United Kingdom.  Whilst part of me will be quite happy that the evening news will be able now to talk about other things, watching the celebration today made me feel pretty great to be British.  Cheers.

One of Paul Young’s songs has the line “Always moving, but going nowhere.”  This kind of sums up where I am now.  The good news is that I don’t feel I need to go anywhere now, and I do like to keep extremely busy with my various projects.  The bad news is that some of these same projects do tend to take on a life of their own at times.  An example might be a current project that I am working on diligently, albeit a bit early.  Yes, I am working on this year’s holiday card already.  I really don’t think I can do much about it really…the ‘picture’ of the card and what I would say on the inside just floated into my mind the other day, so I was half-way there already.  I suppose I could have written myself a note, so that when November came around again, I would not need to come up with a card idea but that isn’t the way my head functions.  Have an idea…do something with it.  Besides, this way I won’t have to worry about the cards anymore this year.

I have been putting quite a bit of time in on (hopefully) getting rid of that stomach-bug thing I acquired in Thailand.  Yes, it is almost the end of April, and I am still plagued by whatever it is.  Part of this ‘challenge’ has been to tick off ‘possibility’ boxes as fast as my doctors can think of them.  This means I have had more ultrasounds of my insides, cameras stuck down my throat, and been poked and prodded more times that I want to remember.  The big strategy – eliminating possible reasons – is working (I assume).  I do feel better, but will be well pleased when I am back to the same condition I was before the big Thai adventure. 

And speaking of big adventures, I thought it would be fun to continue this letter with lots of internet links.  There is a bit of a caution here.  You may want to read the entire letter and then go back to see what the links bring you.  Of course, you will have to remember to then come back to the letter to find the next link.  Okay?  I received this link from some friends the other day that contained a series of photos from the International Space Station.  Whooo-weeee; that must be about the biggest adventure there is. http://triggerpit.com/2011/04/21/beautiful-planet-oh-i-so-want-to-go-to-the-iss/  Of course, being on this adventure you would be always moving AND going someplace.  Around the world to be precise, at a speed of 27743.8 km/hour, which, if I am correct, is quite a bit faster than something I saw the other day whilst on one of my walks. 

I was walking past the little calita near Sol y Mar on my way to lunch at Puerto Portals – all part of my self-imposed dedication to walking great distances - and suddenly I felt as if I was in Portmeirion watching the filming of The Prisoner.  But as Patrick McGoohan wasn’t in sight anywhere, I was forced to believe that someone just had the most fab water toy known to man. 

I know that Easter just went past, and whilst I didn’t consume any chocolate bunnies, or even hide any decorated Easter eggs, I did, however, receive this link to another version of the Messiah.   You really do need to see this one. http://voxvocispublicus.homestead.com/Index.html

In today's post, a package arrived and inside was a fabulous present.  Ostenibly, the present was for me, but it is quite obvious that it was really for Amélie.  When David and Nancy flew over to surprise me on my birthday, we had gone to the boat and I had said I was looking for a garden gnome for the boat, and today, one arrived.  How great is that?

And finally, just a bit of wisdom…A teenager once asked an old man, “in a relationship, which is more important, to love or to be loved?”   The old man replied, “which is more important to a bird, the left wing or the right?”



during one of the things we do best


what it was like at the Calita the other day


me, taken by myself, at a recent gallery opening


where is The Prisoner?

a pressie for Amélie from David and Nancy

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