Well, almost another year has whizzed past and whilst this one has presented some challenges, overall, it has been pretty flippin’ great here. The biggest challenge (‘biggest’ is admittedly a term grounded solidly in my mental models) has been my shoulder problem. I have been doing the physio-therapy every day, and all the effort has been paying off big-time. I must clarify a bit about this…I had been told my Joaquin, the guy who has been bending my left arm in ways that I am sure God never had in mind when he came up with the human body concept. Of course, if Joaquin were here right now, it wouldn’t be too happy about my description of him ‘bending’ my arm. Joaquin says we are ‘exercising’ the shoulder area, but it sure feels like bending to me. The ‘every day’ concept is also interesting. When he first told me that I should come everyday, I asked if ‘everyday’ meant seven days per week. This would have been an attractive option for me as I had been told by my doctor I would probably need 15 days of therapy, so the ‘everyday’ plan meant I would only have to drive to the rehabilitation place for a day more than two weeks. But when I queried Joaquin, he said, ‘yes, everyday except for weekends, when the centre would be closed.’ And then he informed me that the following week, the centre would also be closed on Tuesday and Thursday for holidays. Right. So last week it was only three days of contortionism. Never the less, I was given a set of ‘exercises’ I could do myself at home and I do have considerably more mobility every day. All good there I think.

I must admit that the whole rehabilitation thing has flashed me back to when I was recovering from the evil-bastard GBS that I had shortly after moving to Mallorca. Then the physio-therapy was pretty critical as I could barely walk upon my being released from hospital. What would normally take a minute or so to walk from point A to point B then meant it might take me ten minutes, and all the time I would be careening all over the walk path, looking incredibly pathetic and in need of assistance (which I did need to negotiate even a simple walk). When I began my physio this time, I was surprised to see what I thought was a familiar face. It was Andres, my therapist years ago and it was his work that helped me get better as quickly as I did. When I saw him, I walked over and said hello and he said, “hola James.” Not a bad memory on his part. Nice to be remembered, but my preference would be to not have to even go to the rehab facility, so as soon as I finish writing this chapter, I think I will do more exercises.

Shortly after getting rid of my sling, I was interviewed about a workshop I had agreed to do here on the island. Doing the workshop was a real treat for me, and as you might imagine, it was rather systemic in nature, with the delegates learning how to use some of the 7 M7P tools and loops…my kind of a fun day. The interview appeared in the paper here, and other than the fact that the editor had apparently miserably failed in punctuation class, and had been a bit too creative with my biography, the article covered two pages and even I was impressed. And on the subject of work, I have been writing quite a bit lately. Most of this writing has been in the form of articles (about business leadership, of course). I wrote one of them after watching parts of the Conrad Murray trial in Los Angeles on telly. During the testimony of one of the expert scientists who had been called to testify about the relative strength of the drugs that Murray had been using on Michael Jackson, the expert started talking about ‘bioavailability.’ It didn’t take long to figure out that what he was talking about was the amount of actual drug that Jackson was getting – the bioavailabilty of a pill is low compared to that of an intravenous injection as the IV method gets the drug straight into the bloodstream. I kept hearing that term – bioavailability – used repeatedly during the experts testimony, and became so intrigued by it, I wrote an article titled The Bioavailabilty of Leadership in Organisations. After I had finished writing it, I decided to send it to a friend who is an editor of a business journal that I used to write for quite a few years ago just to see what she thought about it. She apparently loved it and it will be published in February (even after I told her how I came about to use the term bioavailabilty). Business journal publishers around the world need not fear, I do not watch the X-Factor (although, come to think about it, that could be a nice ‘hook’ for an article).

Today, for the first time since before my shoulder operation, I went to see Amélie. I hadn’t been there because getting onboard would have been a bit too much of a challenge, but today I was feeling pretty chipper, and after stopping at the local correos (post office) to post some letters, I drove on to Andratx to make sure that all was well with Amélie. I did manage to lower the pasarella on the bow and get onboard, but after a quick look to make sure the bilge wasn’t full of water (it wasn’t) and that the solar panels were still pumping electricity into the battery banks (they were), I decided that overdoing it wasn’t the best for my shoulder, so I closed up the boat and drove back home. On the way home, I thought, as it was almost Christmas, I should do something special for Sol y Mar. Yes, I replanted several albahaca (basil) plants. Nothing better than pesto for the holidays.

And speaking of the hols, I received this photo from my daughter-in-law Nancy. I just had to share it with you. When Matthew and David were young boys, Carol and I had hired some guy to play Santa on Christmas eve. The plan was to make some noise and then I would burst out of our front door to find Santa there bringing presents to the boys. A nice plan, but he sure didn’t look as good as David did in his Santa suit helping out at a centre for developmentally challenged children this week. I mentioned that to David in an email, and he quickly responded with a one-line message – “you HIRED somebody?!?!?!?!?” Oooops. I best not say anything about the Easter bunny I guess.

And to close, I wanted to share this video with you (see the link below). If you are either a man or a woman, this video will pretty much resonate with you. If you are reading this and are not a man or a woman, please let me know as I think some scientist would like to study you. (copy and paste the entire link to view it)



a dreamy autumn morning


random photo from Sta Catalina


whooo-hoooo, in the news


should be an advert for Mr. Lauren's jumpers I think


 a few minutes ago, from the webcam


son David doing good things as Santa

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