Well, what can I say? Not much actually, other than I am very aware I have written in months. It wasn’t that there was nothing going on. I just thought at the time, what was happening was just so normal for here that it might not be too interesting to read about…that and I had become a tad lazy about writing I guess. Mea culpa. Disculpame. My apologies.

Having said that, I did start writing a few times. As an example….
It is now nearing the end of April, and it seemed like a good time to write again. Nothing massively going on here, but there are a few updates that I thought might be of interest…so….here goes.

After my little shoulder surgery, I still have been experiencing some mild discomfort when I work on increasing my mobility so I thought instead of going through more of the electric-impulse therapies, I would do something about it myself. You know…the ‘mind-over-matter’ solution that I often employ, and in most cases, this works wonders. The key to doing this is a combination of some intense visualisation efforts, accompanied by increase mobility exercises. Whilst this has been more-or-less providing me with a bit more pain-free mobility, I recently decided to increase my efforts a bit but with some assistance.

Whilst on the cruise a couple of years ago, I had attended several onboard Pilates sessions and found them quite beneficial. I was thinking about signing up here for a Pilates class, but that seemed like a bit too much structure and discipline for me. I looked around and did find about a kazillion Pilates videos, but I thought that would just be a waste of money. Instead, I began to look at Yoga as potentially good vehicle for me. Again, the spectre of trudging off several times a week to a yoga class wasn’t that exciting so instead, I decided to find a yoga instructor who could put together a programme for me that I might actually follow. My reasoning for going in this direction all made sense: I would be able to do yoga when I wanted, and because I have these terraces here at Sol y Mar, I could almost picture myself being up on the roof terrace stretching and bending and whatever in the sun whenever I felt like it. Of course the challenge would be to find a yoga instructor who was up for this.

And then in May or June….Today was my first session with my yoga master. Swami Yubendalot Maharishi was brilliant. Okay, that isn’t actually his name; his name is Kevin, but Swami Yubendalot sounds much more Indian. Kevin came over this morning and we went through a series of stretchy-type things I could do and after a couple of hours of him checking out my current bendable limits, gave me several exercises I could begin to do. My next session will be later this week, at which time he will give me an entire programme that I can follow (or at least attempt to follow). I am pretty chuffed about this and will keep you posted as things progress.

And again in August….This summer certainly hasn’t been like last summer, or even the summer before. No, this has nothing to do with the weather, which has, as usual, been pretty brilliant. I am not sure I can even place my finger on it, but I know it has been different. I have been to Berlin a couple of times to see my brother and been busy working on a couple of projects and the combination of the two sort of has kept me from spending my summer months on the boat. Last month (this would have been in July), I did become highly motivated and began sorting out what I wanted to do for this year’s Christmas/Holiday card. A bit premature you say? Perhaps, but when a project manifests itself in my head, it is time to get cracking on it. So, after several trips to my screen-maker and the lads who do my foliolitos (colour separations), I was making pruebas (tests) of the image on the card. Once I had those sorted, I put everything away in storage as even I think that actually making Christmas cards in July is a bit over the top. I must remember to pull everything out and actually produce them in a few months though.

And now today (which is late October)….Last month something did happen that is worth writing about. I have sold Amélie. Yes,…me….boatless again. This wasn’t an all-that-difficult decision as I didn’t spend that much time on her this summer (which you just found out about) and when you are offered a hair more than you paid for a boat, it is always time to sell. So I did. I think a lot of my friends were speculating how many days after the sale I would begin to twitch uncontrollably, but I was fine with the sale. She was a wonderful boat to have, but truth-be-told, I didn’t actually take her anyplace. To me, Amélie was more like having a beach cottage…without all the sand. Each morning I would get up and dive into the sea and do a lap (hey, my laps this year were a bit more than 1/2mile) and then have breakfast on deck in the sun. Okay, I am missing that, but it is now late October and I wouldn’t have been swimming too much now anyway. I have received a couple of SMS’s from the new owners on their way to Gibraltar (“James, I can’t find the keys to the engines”) (“James, do you remember where the manual is for the air conditioning?”) (“James, can you tell me again how to switch from the main diesel tank to the reserve tanks?”), as well as an invitation to visit his boat the next time I am in Gibraltar. I have been in Gibraltar, but once is enough so I don’t think that will happen. Besides, he would probably want me to try to help him look for something he can’t locate onboard.

This summer I also managed to see the iPad app I developed actually get completed and listed for sale on the iTunes store. I (cleverly) named the app the "System Dynamics Loop Generator" as it enables users to create bespoke causal loop diagrams, which as I am sure you all recognise as a principle way to help understand the dynamics at play in organisations. I was thinking of writing more about the app, but I think I can just about hear some of you dozing off about now so I will move on.

In the past week, I did drag out all the Christmas card paraphernalia and cranked up the Sol y Mar holiday-card-production-line. Whooo-weeee!!! The plan was to do a five-colour serigraph, but I eventually ended up by using six colours. They are all resting in the sitting room now so that they dry thoroughly. Probably tomorrow or the next day I will pick them all up and fold them…and then wait until it is closer to Christmas to send them out.

Oh, right...one more thing.  Do you remember a couple of years ago when I wrote the "Letters from the Village" novel?  Well, being someone who does like technology, the book is now available through the Apple iBookstore....nice.  I am now working on putting another book together, but this one will be about my great-great-grandfather's life during the American Civil War.


me, at some point early in the summer


someone, obviously not me, doing some wicked stretching


a recent webcam screen capture from Sol y Mar


some of the very serious card production process


my Amélie...gone but not forgotten at all


a causal loop diagram made on my iPad app


this really is worth buying...(I would say that, wouldn't i)

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