Sorry, the title of this letter may be a bit misleading, but I have been reading “Le Mort d’Arthur” – an account of the legend of King Arthur written in the late 1400’s by Sir Thomas Mallory whilst he was in prison (for apparently being a very naughty person).  The book is fascinating and as I have always been enchanted by the name of Arthur’s mother, having even purchased a very large watercolour titled "Igraine, the Christian Queen" many years ago, I thought it would be fun to make it the title of this letter.

When I began writing my ‘letters from the village’ for all of you, my plan was to perhaps write one letter per month.  After having lived in Puigpunyent for 27 months, one might assume I should be on letter number 28 about now.  But as I am already up to number 64, my ‘plan’ for writing evolved a bit and very early on, I began writing whenever there was something fascinating going on in either the village or La Antigua.  This letter is a hint of the further evolution of my original plan. 

Next week I will be flying from Palma to Lisbon to begin a fortnight of teaching for a consortium of  universities.  I do love teaching in that environment, and this opportunity seemed to be even more intriguing…the university is onboard a 200 metre ship.  Chapter 65 of Letters from the Village will come from onboard…well at least that is the plan.

Igraine, mother of King Arthur, looking none-to-happy

not exactly La Antigua, but...

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