For those of you who have asked, no; I do not plan on changing the name of this site, nor do I plan on changing the name on the top of this letter.  These are still 'Letters from the Village;' the only thing that is different is that I am just in a diferent village. (well, sort of)  And the reason I don't plan on changing the La Antigua on the top of these letters to Sol y Mar is two-fold.  I have very special memories of La Antigua, and I have no idea how to create a new title with this software.  Having said that, here is today's letter.

It was Sunday, 2 March, and I was doing what any other self-respecting pseudo-Mallorquin would do who was living where I live.  Yes, I was sitting on the terrace reading a wonderful book and once in a while looking up at the horizon under a blazing sun.  The music was gently wafting out from the house, making me believe that I was as close to heaven as I could ever be whilst on this planet.  My eyes began to drift down a bit, watching the various boats that were coming to anchor between Sol y Mar and the small island just off the coast. 

As the anchorage began to fill up, I put my book down and started to pay more and more attention to the boats as they came in and dropped their hooks.  It began to look more and more like so many fibreglass and wood animals that had come out of their burrows to bask in the sun.  After a bit, I went inside to get my camera, as you do.  It was then that I thought I noticed something on the shore across from Sol y Mar.  I went back in to get my binoculars but by the time I had located them, I had lost track of where I had been focused on looking. 

Feeling a bit like James Stewart in Rear Window, I scanned the area, hoping to once again figure out what I had seen.  I wish I had some type of turbo-zoom attachment for my camera, but then I realised that it is 2008 and I have extraordinary computing power on my side.  My persona quickly shifted away from L.B. Jeffries (the character Stewart played in the movie). Besides, my leg was not in a plaster cast and Grace Kelly was nowhere to be found.

I downloaded (or is it uploaded?) the photos I had taken of the vista into my computer and began to do some electronic adjustments to the photos.  My first step was to locate the photo that contained my area of interest of the dozen or so that I had taken.  Step two was to crop the right photo so that what I was looking to find was central in the image.  Step three was to continue to crop the right area, each time saving the resultant image. 

By now I had a series of progressively tighter and tighter photos, each of the same area, but with each one zooming in on the area.  I had become the David Bailey-based character in Blow-Up, but without the nubile young things rolling around on a photo backdrop, and without the soft-top white Roller parked out front.  I was like a man possessed; I had to see if what I thought I had seen I actually had seen.  I cropped and looked.  I cropped again. 

I was fighting the same thing that a traditional photographer would encounter; only my problem was the ever-increasing size of the pixels instead of the graininess that is inherent with film blow-ups.  After an inordinate amount of iterations of the same scene, my computer screen was getting a bit blurry.  Well actually it was my eyes that were struggling to stay focused and be able to interpret what I was seeing, so I went back to the terrace. 

What I saw was all the boats w lined up perfectly, with the gentle south-westerly breeze cueing all the bows to face the same way, almost as if they were all there worshipping the sun…which was what I was supposed to be doing.  I took another look through my binoculars, hoping that somehow they had evolved from 7 x 35mm to something with the power of the Hubble telescope on steroids. 

I was well-and-truly buggered for sure.  I thought I had seen something, but couldn’t identify it.  I suppose I could have rushed down the hill to the shoreline below me and swum over to the spot on the shore, but I don’t have a wet-suit and the water temperature is still pretty low for me.  I wondered if I should ring the Guardia Civil?  Should I contact a governement office?  Should I send the photos to HELLO! magazine?  No, I went back to reading my book, but every once in a while, looking up, just on the oft chance that I would once again be able to see what was out there. Perhaps you can see it.


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