It happened again the other day.  Well, it was sort of a variation of what I have been noticing off and on for the past several years.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, something triggers a very special memory for me.  The one that occurred the other day happened as I walked into the kitchen at Sol y Mar.  As I walked past one of the counter-tops, suddenly my senses focussed on a bowl of cereal with sliced banana.  It wasn’t just the cereal and banana sensation; it was a flashback to being young and spending time at my grandparent’s house in Michigan. I found this especially interesting, as I wasn’t going to have any cereal, and didn’t have any banana’s in the house.  But I can clearly remember my grandmother slicing up bananas and putting them on the cereal I would have for breakfast.  And there it was again, albeit 50 years or so later…as clear as if she was in my kitchen that day.

I am not exactly sure what triggered that memory.  It could be that Sol y Mar overlooks the sea, and the summers I used to spend as a young boy with my grandparents were mostly at a cottage they had on the shores of Pine Lake.  It could have been that connection, but this isn’t the first time something like this has happened.

Almost everyday, when I wake up and wobble through the sitting room with my morning cuppa, as soon as I open the doors that lead to the terrace, a gentle sea breeze wafts past me and I am instantly taken back to when I first was living on Peacemaker (which, if you didn’t know, was the name of the boat that preceded Angelina).  And then there are the songs that I tend to play over and over and over again.  Each song triggers a certain memory, and they all take me ‘someplace.’  When Pet Sounds comes up in my iTunes, I am instantly transported back to a different time and place.  Listening to early electric Bob Dylan, Jimmy Buffet, and Dionne Warwick all gently float me back to a previous place in my life.  And even when I hear a song that I probably knew about but never liked enough to buy (in the days when we purchased those round vinyl things), I suddenly find myself flashing back to a place and time that I remember very clearly.  I think we all have these memory ‘triggers.’  Once in a while, the trigger takes you to a place you might not want to go to again, but more often than not, they are fab to have. 

I need to clarify what I just wrote a bit.  Most memories are great to have.  Some, however, can give you nightmares.  I received a call a couple of days ago from my friend John.  He asked me to go up on my roof terrace and look down the coast.  The reason was that there was a new yacht in the harbour near Portals Nous.  I must admit, I do like to look at boats. I would also like to make it quite clear that I do not perceive myself as a bigot of any type. I am sort of a traditionalist in my boating views I suppose, and to me, some of the boats that are being cranked out now are nightmares in the making.  The one that John called me about fell into that category.  Later that day, I was talking to my neighbour Kim about what I had seen.  She had heard about the boat and told me if I would use Google, I could probably find out more about it.  Clearly, however, using Google is only good if you can figure out what to search under.  Kim suggested I type in ‘the ugliest yacht in the world,’ and it came up…for good reason.  I guess the owner falls into the category of having more money than sense.

Things are getting quite interesting here lately.  At the end of this month, King Juan Carlos will come to Mallorca, as he does every year for his holiday.  His holiday home isn’t all that far from Sol y Mar (okay, a couple of kilometres perhaps) and you can tell that his arrival time is approaching.  Everyday, one of the police services flies around in a helicopter looking for what I presume to be bad guys who may not especially like the king.  I had been told by my neighbours that I might expect a visit from some men with suits and dark glasses sometime in July.  When I asked why, I was told that from the air, the white tube sculpture (Esteban Tenia Razon) on my front terrace could be mistaken for a rocket-launcher.  Oh my…. 



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