As you have gleaned by now, I am not keen on doing nothing.  In my spare time, I do like to do creative things.  This can include creative solutions to fundamentally long-term systemic problems, or simply applying some watercolour paints to a hug sheet of well-toothed rough stock.  The creative streak, referred to as one of my demons by a friend in Australia, doesn’t really require a specific challenge, just an outlet.  These creative demons have been responsible for quite a bit, and really began to crank up whilst I was living in London.  After moving to Mallorca, it was if the creative demons managed to latch on to some serious creativity-steroids, because the urge to do creative things has been lunging forward as if the end of the world was approaching.  (I don't believe that the end of the world is that close at hand, but if you know more than I do about this, please let me know).  Lately, the outlet for the demons of creativity has been ceramics.

I thought I was done with all the ceramic adventures I had whilst at La Antigua, but when some friends hinted that a ceramic house-sign for their property in Italy might be nice, the whole ceramic ‘urge’ came back to me.   After doing the house sign, I really lapsed back into ceramic mode and the past several weeks have resulted in the addition of 4 square bowls, 8 square plates, 4 ash-trays (I sent these to my brother), 6 large vases, 3 large round bowls, and 1 extremely large vase.   All of the latest stuff from the ceramica can be found here or just click on the Ceramica link on the main "Letters from the Village" page when you are there.  You will have to scroll down a bit to find the latest things. 

Dealing with some of these  projects has been a bit more challenging since moving to Sol y Mar.  I don't have the same amount of space, but having said that, the vista is pretty stimulating.  Now admittedly, I have been quite fortunate that these creative demons decided to rear their nasty tendencies at the same time that most of my client organisations decided to go on summer holiday.  And whilst I still am connected to them and doing some behind-the-scenes planning work, summer has given me the chance to expand the scope of what I do like to do.

Just after the pottery 'festival' at Sol y Mar, I moved on to work on this year’s holiday card.  This has been a major challenge this year.  Actually, truth be told, every year they are a challenge to design and produce, but this year it seems like an even greater challenge than before.  I thought I had the design all sorted out last week, but then I could ‘see’ a different design, so I began again.  Now you are probably thinking, ‘hmmmm, isn’t it a bit early to be thinking of holiday cards?’  Well, in my world, a world where you design and make your own cards, the answer is clearly no.  And when the level of complexity of production of the cards increases, the time needed to produce them increases as well.  With luck, I will have the final design sorted by the end of the month so I can begin making them sometime in September. 

And then there was yesterday.  I have no idea where this project idea came from, but suddenly it was staring me in the face.  Now to clarify the physics of this, I am saying the project idea was staring me in the face, but as it was in my mind, that would be pretty difficult to do.  How about this.  I could ‘see’ the finished project quite clearly in my mind.  Yes, that is what I really meant (I guess).  So mid-day, I went for a walk with my trusty turbo-digital-doo-wah camera and then staggered home in the mid-day heat (which yesterday was in the serious-30’s) to put the project together.  Which I now share with you.


hiding from the creative demons in a London hotel lift


Florero, numero 844, diseño Galatxo

at just before 0900 on Monday...good weather for a project

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