“Being There” was a 1979 movie with Peter Sellers, Shirley MacLaine, Melvyn Douglas, Jack Warden, and quite a few other people.  Sellers played the part of Chance, a simple gardener, who never left the estate until his employer dies. His simple TV-informed utterances are mistaken for profound wisdom.  Regardless of how much I love that movie, it has little to do with this chapter of “Letters from the Village” other than its title. 

I receive quite a few notes from readers of these chapters, and often, they conclude with something like, ‘I wish I could be there,’ or, ‘you are so lucky to be there.’  No kidding.  And whilst I do try to put photos with each chapter, even I recognise that the photos may not  capture the feeling of what it is like to be here day-to-day. So through the near-magic of technology, I decided to rectify the problem.

For the past several months, I have been trying to put in a piece of kit that, hopefully, will bring you closer to Sol y Mar.  I first began this quest when I was still at La Antigua, but my efforts failed miserably, due, I was told, to the less-than-acceptable level of technology the island monopolistic phone supplier uses.  Then, shortly after moving to Sol y Mar, I began to work on this project again.

Today, it has all come together (after hours of pain).  So here is the deal, in nice, easy-peasy directions.

If you open your computer browser and type in http://solymar.dyndns.biz:8080, it should bring up a little window that asks you for a User Name and Password.  For the User Name, type in solymar.  For the Password, type in webcam.  This should open another window that says ‘Panasonic Network Camera’.  On the top bar of the window, click on ‘Single’ and it will take you here…well actually it will take you to the view I see here.  There should be a little button on the top-right of that screen that enables you to see the live picture in a full-screen mode (this is done so that if it is raining or cold where you are, and you are longing to not be there, it will make slashing your wrists that much easier).  If you save these directions (or bookmark the website of the camera), you can vicariously be here as often as you wish. 



before I was stressed by technology






a recent peaceful evening at Sol y Mar

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